Moscow, Russia
30.11 - 01.12.2017

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ФСТЭК России


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The Ivannikov ISPRAS Open Conference is the annual event under which the Institute for system programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS) arranges a number of conferences devoted to sectors of IT-industry in which it possesses a many years’ experience of fundamental researches conduction, innovative technologies development and implementation, together with partners, of certain projects on introduction the developed technologies in the industry.

The goal of this event is to provide support and development for the innovations generation and high-skilled system programming workers reproduction ecosystem, created in the ISP RAS as well as to create prerequisites for improving the level of using newest information technologies in activity of educational, scientific and research organizations and their further introduction in Russian industry. During The Ivannikov ISPRAS Open Conference events reports on fundamental and applied researches as well as on issues related to new technologies introduction are made.

Acknowledged experts from national and foreign scientific and educational organizations, representatives of leading IT-companies and researchers whose studies have been professionally reviewed are invited to make reports.

Past conferences

ISPRAS Open 2016 (on Russian)
«Cloud computing. Education. Research. Development» 2015. (on Russian)
Open Conference on Compiler Technologies 2015. (on Russian)
«Cloud computing. Education. Research. Development» 2014.
«Cloud computing. Education. Research. Development» 2013.
«Cloud computing. Education. Research. Development» 2012.
«Cloud computing. Education. Research. Development» 2011 (The «OpenCirrus» project summit).
«Cloud computing. Education. Research. Development» 2010.